Adform a global technology company starts in 2002 in Copenhagen, when their visionary trio of founders pioneered one of the earliest Ad Servers. Since then, they’ve grown into the most powerful media buying platform in the world, with more than 650 employees. They enable major brands, publishers, and agencies in over 25 markets to create, buy, and sell digital advertising at scale across the myriad of internet-connected devices.

hyScore and Adform finished the integration on 2nd January 2024. Adform’s media buying platform can now be used natively with hyScore’s Advanced Contextual Targeting (ACT) Segments. In the past hyScore was limited to provide so called “targeted deals” only.

Now you can use standard contextual targeting segments and custom targeting segments for your campaigns and existing PMP deals.

HyScore provides on Adform these benefits:

  • Cookieless targeting of audiences relevant to your campaigns.
  • Over 650 standard contextual targeting segments that include IAB segments.
  • Custom segments available upon request.
  • 13 brand safety categories to filter out unsafe content.
  • GDPR and TCF compliance.
  • When used with ID Fusion, provides a wider reach while controlling frequency capping.

More information at Adform: Introducing hyScore for Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety