hyScore was founded in Berlin, Germany 2017

Our Founders and Executive Team are veterans in the fields of ArtificaI Intelligence (Machine Learning and NLP), Digital MediaAdTech and MarTech Technology and have built and deployed products at scale. The originate from companies like AdScale, Stroeer, JobScout, ClipKit, and others.

We started as Natural Language Processing (NLP) boutique and transformed to one of the most effective and transparent (contextual) targeting service provider for online advertising, with offices in Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey.

Since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we have been working 100% remotely and realized various online marketing platform integrations to make our growing services in more countries for our clients and partners available.

Cengiz Kurt

CEO | Co-Founder
Finance, International Sales and Investor Relationships
Contact: LinkedIn

Lucas Hausmann

CTO & AI Scientist | Co-Founder
Software Development, NLP and Artifical Intelligence (AI)
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Scoring applies across Contextual where essentially scoring model assigns a predetermined numerical score to specific behaviors or statuses within a database. These behaviors form the basis of “context”.

Michael Boecher

COO & CPO | Co-Founder
Operations, Business- and Product Development
Contact: LinkedIn