If you visit our website more often, you have certainly noticed the change. We have updated our website and the appearance of our corporate identity.

The layout has been modernized and the content and navigation simplified.

In the coming days, we will be fine-tuning the details and adding more information to the website. We have set ourselves a number of goals for 2020, including communicating more clearly and precisely. The update of the website is the first step in this direction.



The Stuttgart Stock Exchange and the Federal Association of German Startups are launching Startbase, a joint startup platform. Startbase is modeled on the Israeli Startup Nation Finder. The final launch of Startbase is planned for summer of 2019.

We are proud that VENTUREZPHERE (which becomes Startbase) awarded us the title “Startup of the Month” (February 2019) and put us in the spotlight.

Read the full interview on VENTUREZPHERE (becomes Startbase)



hyScore|analyze is now available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. “For us, being available on AWS Marketplace is one of the biggest milestones since we were founded last year,” says Michael Boecher, founder and Managing Director of

As an independent and cross-industry supplier of contextual data, we are happy to provide our contextual analysis API to a broad audience. Customers are able to use the Artificial Intelligence-based technology to transparently and reliably analyze and evaluate text content in order to e.g. to perform their own content recommendation, categorize websites in detail or place their advertising in suitable and safe environments.

Especially since the GDPR has become legally valid, contextual data is becoming increasingly relevant as it is gathered without cookies. Access to this type of data, however, is often complicated and therefore also expensive. Many companies lack core expertise in the fields of natural language processing (NLP), the associated analytical methods and self-learning algorithms (deep learning). We are now closing this gap with AWS customers.

Furthermore, the API is easy to integrate with an experienced developer and can be used in production within minutes.