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hyScore, a Berlin-based company founded in May 2017, is an independent, cross-industry provider of innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the flexible hyScore solutions, texts, websites, audios and videos can be analyzed in real time. The technology can be individually trained and adapted to special requirements.

With hyScore, large amounts of text/data can be analyzed 100% automatically and valuable insights can be provided for further use and processing.

We support and advise our customers regarding the optimal use and application of hyScore products as well as the optimal use of NLP in their processes and workflows.

  • „NLP @ Scale“ – high scalable NLP solutions in realtime
  • Language support for more than 20 languages from any digital source (text/audio/video)
  • Industry, application and platform independent
  • Simple, fast and uncomplicated integration
  • GDPR/ePrivacy compliant („Ethical AI“)
  • AWS Advanced Technology Partner

“We know that our solutions are high valuable for several use cases and industries. As a business enabler we want to reduce the barriers of entry and ease the access to contextual intelligence and enrichment for our clients.”
Michael Boecher, COO & Co-Founder at GmbH

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We work closely together with our customers & partners to shape the product and make it better. If you’re interested in our service please get in touch with us ( or sign up for a free API Key to check how you can use our content intelligence platform for your business.

If you want our latest updates and news please follow us on Twitter @hyscoreIO or take a look at our “What’s new?“-section. We’ll keep you posted!