We’ve added a simple contextual keyword extraction  web-demo to our resources section. You just have to enter the website URL you want to analyze in the provided input field. This tiny demo should give you an idea of how hyScore works.

Information related to the web-demo case:

  • The first analysis of a “new” URL may take a few moments (between 50 ms and 2-3 sec depending on the size of content and latency of the source).
  • In the demo we show a maximum of five keywords. If the result shows less than five keywords the provided URL might contain less text to analyze.
  • This web demo is limited to some basic functionality, so that e.g. custom configuration, custom variables (UUIDs, etc.) and other functionality are not enabled.
  • If there is no website category displayed in the results the website wasn’t categorized yet.
  • It’s an excerpt of the result. Normally we provide it as a developer friendly JSON format with much more detailed information.

We’ll enhance this web-demo with additional functionality and information over time.

Try the contextual keyword extraction web-demo now!