October 14, 2016

hyScore Demo

Try our demo!

In this section we show you some simple demo use cases of how you can use extracted keywords provided by our API:

hyScore.io API

  • Contextual keyword extraction (Use case demo)
    Extract scored and weighted keywords from a single URL or any text/article example.

  • Contextual video (Use case demo)
    Get a dynamic video playlist based on the extracted keywords of a single URL to increase your video views and monetization options.

  • Contextual advertising (Use case demo)
    Get a contextual ad based on the extracted keywords of a single URL.

  • Contextual affiliate / eCommerce (Use Case Demo)
    Get products based on the extracted keywords of a single URL (Example: Amazon).

About the demo use case(s):

  • The first analysis of a “new” URL we didn’t analyzed yet may take a few moments (between 20 ms and 2-3 sec depending on the size of content and latency of the source). A second request for the same URL shows the result within 100ms or faster. We’re permanently optimizing this based on the load of the service.
  • The demo use cases are multilingual. That means you can use any URL which is supported by our language detection.
  • If the language doesn’t match the content than there might be several languages involved.
  • If the result shows less keywords the provided URL might contain less text to analyze. Simple rule: more content – better results.
  • This web demo is limited to some basic functionality, so that e.g. custom variables (UUIDs, etc.) and other functionality are not enabled.
  • If there is no website category the website wasn’t categorized by our partner yet.

More to follow…