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Get access to our public index or your individual search. 



The hyScore.io search technology allows you to search the analysis results of text-based Internet content that hyScore.io has already analyzed for various criteria, such as keywords, categories, concepts and text.

The results include top-level domains (tld), URLs and keyword clouds associated with the search query.

Public Search Index

hyScore adds any analysis result of public URLs to the “public search index”. This results can be searched from anyone who has a licensed access to the search API. 

Individual Search

The hyScore|search is customizable so that sensitive data and texts can be made available for searches in a specially shielded and configured environment. In contrast to the “Public Search Index”, text analysis results as well as URL analysis results can be made available for the search.

Analyze & Search

Any URL, which is analyzed by hyScore|analyze, will be directly available within the  Search Index. That means you can immediately search for similar content, phrases, categories, keywords, etc. which are connected to your previous analysis.

The hyScore|search product helps us to ease our content recommendation for our different network sites. With some tiny self-developed JavaScript we’ve a “state-of-the-art” content recommendation in less than an hour. Awesome! 

Anonymous Developer from a German Content Network

Supported search methods

  • Keywords search (original form and normalization)
  • Categories search (hyScore & IAB Codes)
  • Semantic search
  • Full-text search
  • Comparative search (Similarity)
  • Support of filters, exclusions and “Safe Search”

If you’ve any additional questions please get in touch with us!