hyScore | sentiment


Expressed attitude or mood of written text. 



Sentiment (mood): Analyzes and converts the expressed attitude or mood of a written text into a numeric value that indicates whether the text has a “positive” (max +1), “neutral” (0) or “negative” (max -1) tonality.

Environment analysis for brand safety

Extend your brand safety by identifying negative articles and reports. The need of advertisers for “brand-safe” environments often comes along with the additional requirement not to advertise in an environment with negative connotations.

Combined with our hyScore|analyze solution you’ll get categories such as “adult”, “crime”, “death”, etc.  and additionally keywords to gain a deeper level of information for your (automated) decisions.

Analyze user feedback

From social media channels, comments or questionnaires

Gain deeper insight into your customer feedback. Are there problems in the supply chain? Is the operation of the product too complicated? Are there any quality problems? Are users satisfied with the service? hyScore|sentiment helps to analyze and evaluate user feedback in real time and to take immediate action.

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