Use case: show contextual ads related to your content 

By using our hyScore contextual data you’ll be able to increase your monetization with contextual advertising. How? Use the weighted and scored keywords and categories in combination with your advertising technology.

The Problem

You might recognize that the delivered ads frequently don’t match with your site content and might show irrelevant advertising. The user is – usually – annoyed seeing an irrelevant or disturbing advertisement which is not related to the site content. For you as publisher, the monetization of your content is behind your expectations.

Use case idea

Use hyScore to inject the extracted keywords and categories as targeting information in your ad request. 

You’ll see the embedded advertising will be based on the existing content of your website or article by using our hyScore contextual data in combination with any advertising technology in the market supporting e.g. “keyword targeting” or IAB categories.

Alternative targeting approach as a solution to the strict requirements of the GDPR…

Depending on the category or weighted keywords of the page you are currently using, ads that are relevant to that content will be shown.

Users only see ads that they’re interested in, and you’re only giving the right users valuable “impressions” – for optimal campaign KPIs.

Easy transfer of data from the hyScore analysis to the ad server or the DSP.

Keyword Contextual Targeting:
The advertiser creates its own contextual category by defining keywords to select the content on which the ad should appear.

Category Contextual Targeting:
Deliver ads to pages that fall into one or more of the context categories defined by the IAB.


Try our demo!

  • Advertising (Use case demo)
    Get a contextual advertising based on the extracted keywords of a single URL (Demo: Google AdSense)