Try hyScore ACT Segments and ANALYZE today through our partners AWS, Xandr and Active Agent. Via Xandr platform we can expose our ACT Segments via “Curated Deal” to any connected DSP like e.g. the TradeDesk, Adform, Google DV360, and others.

See for yourself the increase on performance we can make with Analyze and Advanced Contextual Segments (ACT).

Demand Side Platform

Germany, Suisse & Austria

Active Agent Contextual Marketplace


Targeted delivery on single articles that interest the user

More than 100 dynamic contextual targeting segments directly available

Clearing direct via DSP

Individual contextual targeting segments on request 

100% Cookie-less and Consent-free

Access our base ANALYZE API through AWS Marketplace


Activate ANALYZE capabilities into production right away

IAB categorization, Weighted Keyword Extraction and more

Generate more revenues

Full functionality with no limits and full support


Data Marketplace

XANDR Invest & XANDR Curate


Targeted delivery on single articles that interest the user

Individual or generic dynamic contextual targeting segments on request

Clearing direct via DSP

Support of 40+  bidders 

100% Cookie-less and Consent-free