Active Agent Contextual Marketplace (DSP): Premium Segments from hyScore


Exclusive contextual segments from hyScore are available in the Active Agent Contextual Marketplace. With the help of hyScore Advanced Contextual Technology (hyScore ACT), the advertising message is played exclusively in article environments and topic areas defined by you. Here, the artificial intelligence-based hyScore ACT identifies and weights relevant page content such as phrases, keywords, categories and sentiment in real time. Based on this data, hyScore creates exclusive Contextual Segments for Active Agent, which are extremely granular and offer the possibility to occupy even very “peak” topic areas – and all this without any cookie reference.

To start with, hyScore provides more than 100 categories and sub-categories in the Marketplace, which can also be linked to each other. Special attention should be paid to the special segments, such as “Daily news -> EM2020”, which, like all hyScore segments, are dynamic and continuously renewed several times during the day.

In addition, it is possible to receive individually tailored Contextual Segments via hyScore.

hyScore ACT

  • 100+ dynamic segments for granular targeting on full-string URL level
  • Brand safety through pre-selection of all article URLs
  • Targeting on career status or life situations
  • No use of user data or cookies

hyScore & Active Agent

  • Targeted delivery on articles that interest the user
  • Billing directly via Active Agent
  • Can be combined with any Active Agent campaign
  • Delivery on newest articles
  • Better performance due to high relevance of your campaign

hyScore Specials

  • Brand & Competitor Targeting
  • Personas mapping
  • Individual campaign segments
  • Seasonal targeting segments
  • Targeting on celebrities & events
  • Detailed Insight & Reporting Dashboard

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