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Amazon AWS Marketplace

Use our hyScore|analyze solution directly via the AWS Marketplace subscription. No limits, no service contract, directly usable for production. Usage will be billed per unit (1.000 API Calls) via your monthly AWS account.

If the default-NLP analysis suits your needs, the usage is low or moderate and you don’t need consulting, a personal account manager, support and service agreements. Subscribe, read the documentation, integrate, use.



All in One | Data Management Platform, Marketplace & Verification
We believe in our mission to revolutionise digital marketing with our combined solutions for data management, verification and marketplace.
We enable. We ensure. We embrace.


In the new, programmatic, real-time advertising world, the target group data used to control the campaign control.

dataXtrade provides the necessary profiles for online, mobile web, InApp or SmartTV devices. We process target group profiles based on cookies or mobile identifiers. Using cross-device matching, we create unique profiles across multiple devices and operating systems.

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