The Stuttgart Stock Exchange and the Federal Association of German Startups are launching Startbase, a joint startup platform. Startbase is modelled on the Israeli Startup Nation Finder. The final launch of Startbase is planned for the summer 2019.

We are proud that VENTUREZPHERE (which becomes Startbase) awarded us the title “Startup of the Month” (February 2019) and put us in the spotlight.

1. Why did you found your startup, which problem do you address and how do you solve it?

Today it is essential to structure content such as large amounts of text and data as efficiently as possible and to make it available for further (automated) processing and monetization. We faced this challenge in earlier projects in the AdTech, Publishing and Content Syndication space and didn’t find a good solution to do the job a) economically and b) that provided the data and insights we were looking for. Many companies still employ students, interns or other staff to do the job – or gave up getting over the huge data loads. Some try to develop some own expensive, time-consuming solution, which is not their main focus. hyScore is an independent, cross-industry provider of innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the flexible hyScore solutions, texts, websites, audio and video can be analyzed in real time. The technology can be individually trained and adapted to special requirements. With hyScore, large amounts of text/data can be analyzed 100% automatically and valuable insights can be provided for further use and processing in more than 20 languages. The savings of high expenses, a reduction of investment costs and risks, a fast and simple proof-of-concept and an acceleration of time-to-market and thus earlier revenues are some of the additional benefits connected to our services….

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