On March, 3rd 2020, the German Joint Industry Committee Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online Forschung (agof) published an official press release on a new service for the identification of high-quality environments in the context of programmatic advertising in Germany.

How can media platforms recognize whether the environments in which a campaign is to be played out are of high quality, the content is in conformity with the law and no negative effects on the advertiser’s image are to be feared? The answer: Each platform evaluates the quality of the offered inventory on the basis of self-generated information. So far, there is no neutral and serious source that can be used by all platforms. A new service of agof starts exactly at this point:

It makes an API available to the market which can be queried automatically and free of charge whether a domain is a qualified offer of agof: the agof qualified inventory (aqi). More information about the aqi can be found on the agof website.

We at hyScore welcome and support any measures for transparency in online marketing and have, in coordination with agof, integrated the aqi service into our product hyScore|analyze. This saves our users and partners the need for a separate integration and connection to the agof service.

In detail, this means that for the analysis of URLs in Germany (Detected language: DE), the system now also outputs information from the agof aqi service in addition to the previous data in the results. Take a look at our documentation.

In the JSON result (excerpt) it will look like this (example):

"agof": {
            "status": 1,
            "message": "is agof-measured",
            "search": ""

If you’ve questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support.

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