hyScore Contextual Segments available on Verve DSP

hyScore Contextual Segments available on Verve DSP

Contextual segments from hyScore are now available in the Verve DSP’s (former Platform161 DSP) Contextual Marketplace. With the help of hyScore Advanced Contextual Technology (hyScore ACT), the advertising message is delivered exclusively in article environments and topic areas defined by you.

Here, the artificial intelligence-based hyScore ACT identifies and weights relevant page content such as phrases, keywords, categories and sentiment in real time. Based on this data, hyScore creates exclusive and custom Contextual Segments for Verve DSP Clients, which are extremely granular and offer the possibility to occupy even very detailed topic areas – and all this without any cookie reference or consent.

To start with, hyScore provides more than 100 generic categories and sub-categories in the Marketplace, which can also be linked to each other. Over time we’ll add other exciting contextual segments to the selection. If you miss a specific topic we can add it within the same day. Just talk to us or get in touch with your Verve DSP contact person.

You can find the contextual segments in your Verve DSP’s Contextual Marketplace.

Special attention should be paid to the individual and custom segments, which, like all hyScore segments, are dynamic and continuously renewed several times during the day.

It is possible for Verve DSP clients to let create and link individually tailored Contextual Segments for a specific campaign or brand client via hyScore directly in their DSP seat.

Just talk to us. Fill out the contact form or write an email to contact@hyscore.io. We’re happy to consult and assist you.

hyScore Cookie-less Contextual Targeting now available on Xandr Curate

hyScore Cookie-less Contextual Targeting now available on Xandr Curate

A platform enabling advertisers to package supply across sellers and bundle it with contextual data

hyScore, the contextual targeting technology company has partnered with Xandr Curate,  AT&T’s advanced advertising marketplace, to offer semantic programmatic advertising campaigns to customers using Xandr’s DSP and Curate.  Advertisers can now enable cookie-less targeted advertising through data-layered curated deals across multi-seller inventory in Xandr’s marketplace.

This partnership is a significant and timely boost for advertisers, providing a proven way to do targeted advertising with ease at a time when most options will be restricted given the recent Google announcement. Through Curate, agencies and brands will be able to execute contextual targeting campaigns without cookies, restricted data and tracking.  hyScore’s Advanced Contextual Targeting (ACT) segments can also be accessed through any major DSP, allowing brands to target the most relevant audiences whilst giving end-users a positive ad experience.

Additionally, as more inventory moves from direct channels to programmatic channels, buyers are moving from buying on the open exchange to private marketplaces or “deals” as they are looking for safer ways to buy and have better access to premium inventory.

hyScore’s technology goes beyond keyword targeting and categorization.  By combining additional NLP analysis such as sentiment, emotion and semantic matching together with constant campaign optimization, we are able to generate 50-400% higher performance than all other targeting methods.

Miriam Thome, Director, Marketplace Management, Xandr says: “We are pleased to be partnering with customers like HyScore to deliver a new solution in market. Xandr Curate makes it easy to package and price proprietary assets against Xandr’s global supply footprint into an exchange-level deal ID that’s tradeable through any DSP in the market.”

Nandi Gurprasad, CCO of hyScore added: “With the Xandr Curate technology we are now able to offer our contextual data to a broader userbase seamlessly and at scale.  With limited options for targeting and use of IDs (Google has now made this clear), contextual has proven to be highly effective and future-proof.   This partnership now enables advertisers to benefit from our 100% cookie-less semantic targeting segments and increase their campaign performance significantly.