The hyScore API can be used across industries. It is highly customizable and can be
used for a variety of applications.

With the use of deep learning approaches, artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and models the solution is highly customizable and usable in several environments. hyScore has the ability to read content the same way a human would to understand the contextual meaning within content and provides the results in a structured and normalized for further automatic processing.

Our technology provides by default everything you need to perform a contextual, sentiment or ambient analysis of a single Website/URL or Text.

If something remains unclear, please take a look at our FAQ section or get in touch with us! We’ll be there to answer your questions. If you need Natural Language Processing (NLP) Consulting or any other kind of special services you should check our services section. 


We’re multilingual. Our service supports 20 languages by default. Find a full list here!

Value Determinition

Our sophisticated deep learning algorithms are extracting the most valuable keywords, entities, and categories scored and weighted from a Website/URL or raw Text.

Data Normalization

The keywords are provided in two forms: in the “surface form” (how a user would read the keyword) and in a “normalized” version (data normalization).

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis involves evaluating online opinions based on specific words. The sentiment of a website content or text is then judged to be positive, negative or neutral. Supported for EN, DE and FR. 

Text Extraction

The system returns optional the determined text of the URL we’ve analyzed in the JSON response. If mandatory (for some reason) you get the information for further analysis.

Categorization (default)

The system returns weighted the categories of the website in the JSON response. News, Entertainment, Education, Politics, you name it. 

The contextual API product and the team behind hyScore are just great. We use their contextual data to enhance several of our products with contextual intelligence. If you‘ve special needs and look for a highly customized solution, you should talk to these guys!

Christof Szwarc, CEO of Cormes GmbH

IAB Taxonomy

The system returns by default the official IAB content taxonomy and IAB code (v1 and v2) of the website URL in the JSON response.

Custom Taxonomies

If you need a very individual taxonomy for your use case, we are able to train and customize the API response for you. 

Platform Independent

It’s a simple RESTful API. You can use hyScore for any kind of web application, any mobile application, any platform – as long you can send a POST request to our API service and handle the JSON response.

Data Pass-back

Pass any kind of custom identifier (cookie ID, Login or Product ID, Advertising or Device ID, any identifier you want…) or custom data as a string through our system. For example to enrich user profiles for your own or a 3rd party DMP to e.g. create own target group segments.

Scalable & Fast

The analysis of an unknown Website URL/Text needs on average a (1) second. Once we’ve analyzed it the result is provided in between 50ms and 100ms. We’re talking in Real-time!

SSL Secured

Our API and Websites are by default SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secured.

If you’ve any additional questions please get in touch with us!