Simple Web Demo: Contextual API

Simple Web Demo to analyze a single URL

This is a simple demo case of the hyScore contextual data API service. Please enter the website URL you want to analyze in the field below. Please notice that news, article and product websites with content show the best results. Due to short text excerpts start and overview pages may not suitable for valid results.

Advice: We’ve to analyze new URLs first, if we do not know it yet. Please press the “submit” button twice until you see the full response of the requested URL as result. You should wait a few moments between the two clicks or click until the result appears.


Number of weighted keywords to display (max.):

Click the “Submit” button or press “Return” to get weighted keywords for the provided URL.

Results of the analysis

This in an excerpt of the result of your requested URL analysis

Normalized & Weighted Keywords with the frequency of appearence as additonal information:

For the given URL we extracted the following keyword(s):

Categories in hyScore taxonomy

The identified website categories are:

Categories in IAB taxonomy (Tier 1 / Tier 2 as code)

The identified IAB categories for the URL are:

Detected Language

We identified the language of the content as (country code):

Toplevel Domain

The origin TopLevel domain (tld) of the URL is:

Extracted Text

This is the most important text we extracted and analyzed from the provided URL:

The full (default) JSON response without any customization

Full JSON response:

Information on this specific web demo case:

  • The first analysis of a “new” URL we didn’t analyzed yet may take a few moments. In average in takes a (1) second to analyze a URL we’ve never seen before depending on the size of content and latency of the source. A second request for the same URL shows the result within 50ms or faster. We’re permanently optimizing this based on the load of the service.
  • If the result shows less keywords the provided URL might contain less text to analyze.
  • If no results are shown the URL might be invalid, or the source has taken to long to respond (30 seconds and more). The analysis is aborted.
  • This web demo is limited to some basic functionality, so that e.g. custom variables (UUIDs, etc.) and other functionality are not enabled.
  • If the language doesn’t match the content than there might be several languages involved or the website is forcing a specific language.