December 4, 2016

Use cases Use Cases


Contextual keyword extraction use cases and examples™ offers a lean API functionality which is easy to use. Find here a couple of inspiring use cases and examples for publishers. Learn how to use our contextual keyword extraction for your business.

Here is some inspiration of how you can use hyScore for your business:

    hyScore : affiliate
    Use case: Increase your monetization with e.g. amazon associate
    hyScorecontextual advertising
    Use case: Increase your monetization with contextual advertising
    hyScore : contextual video
    Use case: integrate hyScore to show relevant videos in your articles 
    hyScore : data management platform (DMP)
    Use case: user profile enrichment

Find some integration code examples in our documentation section.

Other use cases where you can use contextual keywords for we’ve in mind…

Tagging, Recommendation, Advertising Black- & Whitelisting, Dynamic Ad creation, Advertising Fraud detection, SEO/SEA keyword research … more to follow.

Our service adds value to several use cases for publishers, advertisers or other projects, apps or platforms. We’re interested and open to your ideas. Just let us know…