hyScore.io - contextual video

By using the hyScore contextual data in combination with a lot of available video player and content syndication solutions you’ll be able to automatically show always the best video that matches your content. Our customers reported an increasing play and click ratio by using a player on contextual steroids. 

By placing a video in an environment where it looks and feels natural to the viewer, it becomes much more appealing. There are video players on the market now which are totally customizable, slipping into web pages naturally. As well as video looking like it belongs in a page, it must also contain relevant content.


Contextual video is content which provides an in-stream opportunity. It matches both the information on the page, as well as the site aesthetic. To recap, here are the main benefits:

  • Engagement: Increased clicks, views, and completed views
  • Sentiment: Better user-experience for site visitors = happier customers
  • Monetization: A higher monetization caused by more video plays
  • Cost: A newfound scale of this inventory type is creating value for advertisers

It is integrated fast and seamlessly in a lot of existing player solutions. It works with Youtube, Flowplayer, JW Player, Video JS, Ooyala and other platforms…

Supported video player

Contextual video (Use case demo). Get a Youtube video playlist based on the extracted keywords of a single URL