Use Case: User Profile Enrichment

By using our hyScore contextual data in combination with an own or external Data Management Platform you’re able to enrich  and refine your user profiles. This adds an additional layer of information to your existing data set to e.g. identify statistical twins and improve your segmentation and scoring.

You can use our service as additional data source to get more detailed information about the users interest on contextual categories (incl. IAB Taxonomy) down to the keyword level detail. What kind of content is he reading right now? Just retrieve the information instant via our API.

hyScore for DMP


The UUID can be a string of one or more identifiers you can pass through with the request to the hyscore system. It is provided in our JSON result, so that you can match the contextual meaning with the user id anytime. The user ID can have any kind of custom identifier as a string – cookie IDs, email, device or advertising IDs, whatever format is necessary.