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An lean Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to extract contextual keywords for multiple use cases.

Contextual data, such as keywords and their entity, are the important topics in your content and can be used to index data, generate tag clouds, optimize video plays, recommend other content, generate dynamic adverts, enrich user profiles or improve your site search. API's contextual data API is capable of finding keywords and their entity in text and ranking them based on a sophisticated deep learning, scoring and weighting algorithm. The sentiment can then be determined for each extracted keyword.

The contextual data API works on URLs, HTML documents and plain text. Our API automatically detects the language of the content, the website category (incl. IAB Taxonomy) and then performs the appropriate analysis. Please take a look at our demo section for inspiration.

  • Multilingual

    The system detects the language automatically. Currently 16+ languages are supported: DE, EN, ES, FR, CN, CZ, DK, ES, FR, HU, IN, IT and more...


    With a couple of cutting edge deep learning algorithms we can determine what is important and whats not in context of the website/URL or text.


    We love transparency and provide a lean and clean cost structure. Contact us to get a individual offer.


    It’s easy to integrate hyScore into your application. Check out our use case examples or our well documented RestfulAPI. It's really simple...

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